Imports of 1.5 million sq. m of ceramic tiles in 2016

Mostafa Goudarzi, the President of Tiles Union told the Qods Online reporter that the import of ceramic tiles in the country was not considerable. He added that the imports mainly include products used in toilets and bathrooms whose significant percentage are imported from abroad. Therefore, the volume of imports in tile industry is not great. About the quality of imported tiles, he said that the main imported products are limited luxury items with no possibility to manufacture domestically. Pointing out that the competitiveness of domestic products for similar products from other countries such as Italy and Spain, he added that in spite of the qualitative equality of our products with the best products in the world, the technical and machinery capacity is limited to manufacture certain products in the country, so there are imports whose volume was about 1.5 million sq. m last year.

Claiming that the volume of imports is small compared to the total consumption in the country, he said that the imports include about 1 to 222 million sq. m while the domestic consumption is 250 million. It is in fact not of that importance to consider.

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